Electronic/Industrial Band ANY QUESTIONS? Reveals Archive 1991/1992: Special Edition Remastered Release


May 19, 2021 – Electronic/industrial band ANY QUESTIONS? has released Archive: 1991/1992: a 2CD collection that includes special edition CD releases of their 1991 Industrial classic, Don’t Ask, and their 1992 soundscape masterpiece, Darkness.
The albums have been remastered by Tommy T Rapisardi at DSBP Records and feature bonus tracks, limited edition DigiPak packaging, and illustrations by Eyes of Chaos creator, Mike Bohatch.  Archive 1991/1992 contains…

Don’t Ask (Special Edition) FISHCD021
This special edition of ANY QUESTIONS? – Don’t Ask celebrates the 30th anniversary of the electro-terrorist unit’s second audio assault. The band’s harsh Industrial sound emerges on this release and forms the foundation for their later sonic experiments.

Darkness (Special Edition) FISHCD022
This special edition of ANY QUESTIONS? – Darkness celebrates the 29th anniversary of the electro-terrorist unit’s release of pure audio sculpture.  The electronic experiments and sonic soundscapes contained within herald the beginnings of the IMBUED VAGARY project.



Formed in 1989, ANY QUESTIONS? have been producing uncompromising electronic music and influencing their contemporaries with groundbreaking audio and video releases since their inception. Their releases have received critical acclaim from US and European press and their 2000 CD release, Mutation, reached the CMJ Top 40 RPM Chart.

ANY QUESTIONS? is comprised of:
Ttam Troll – Synthesizers, Sequencing, Sampling, Drum Programming, Effects, and Vocals
mC2p4 – Synthesizers, Sequencing, Sampling, and Vocals

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