Experimental/Electronic Düshan Düshan Reveals New EP

Russian experimental/electronic artist Düshan Düshan has announced the release of their new EP, the appropriately-titled, EP.  The release contains four tracks and clocks in at just under twenty minutes.

Aleksandr Sokolov us the sole artist behind Düshan Düshan. The project is named after the French conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp as well as the band Duran Duran.

After the debut single, Charlie which had a retro-futuristic electronic-rock sounding, the next release, EP is coming in another sound. 

“The EP is un little journey through and around the noise sound. Somewhere we can say: ok, this is ”industrial techno”; ok, this part is ”dark ambient”, and another part is “death industrial / power electronics / power noise”. But in reality and in my mind I am not a thoroughbred successor of these genres, I do not stick to their ideology in ethics and aesthetics: this EP is just a set of abstract textural pieces in an avant-garde sense with the influence of my preferred artists: Merzbow, Container, Lighting Bolt, Autechre, Neptunian Maximalism, The Body, Genocide Organ… I am not consistent in genre classification, but I am consistent in the logic of sound construction like an artist.” – Aleksandr Sokolov

EP was released on April 23 and is available on digital and cassette formats.


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