LOVE AND A CAR CRASH – “Immature Amateur” Album Review (alt rock)

We’ve never wanted or have been able to shy away from diversity or bands that push envelopes on this blog.  But when you look back at some of the material we’ve covered over the years, you’ll realize we are about to jump clear off the cliff with today’s offering.

Love and a Car Crash came to us with a style and diversity we’ve never covered.  So, naturally we’re attracted to it.  With their new album, Immature Amateur, we explore styles ranging from alt rock to noise rock to space rock and a number of things in between.

We’re not going to cover every track, but let’s take “You Blow My Mind” for example.  A catchy Dead Milkmen-esque chorus that I could imagine hearing at a Warped Tour show or something or maybe on late night alt rock radio.  Nevertheless, in this track we see the first instance of one of the strengths that Love and a Car Crash draws upon.  That is the ability to mesh instrumentation where the combination of tones almost create tones of their own, if that makes any sense.  Bands like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine were masters of such.

That bleeds into the next element this band does well.  It would appear that they can take an upbeat sounding track (regardless of the message) and then go into a track like “The Well” which appears to balance seriousness without completely being out of touch with the light-hearted element.  And when’s the last time you heard a flute on a rock record?  You do here.  There’s definitely an organic quality about this band both on a musical and emotional level that can’t really be denied.

As we ramble on, we go COMPLETELY out of left field to a 11-minute spoken word cut in “Cozy Bear Fancy Bear.”  Maybe it doesn’t fit on a musical level, but somehow on an abstract level it does when you talk about diversity. 

There are also some prog and acid rock elements between tracks like “More” with its electro Jethro Tull feel to the classic rock sounding “Emma.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the CD collection belonging to the members of this band include everything from Simon and Garfunkel to Pink Floyd to Sonic Youth to They Might Be Giants and More.  But the key word here is diversity.  This is a diverse record that straddles lines and pushes envelopes keeping itself outside of a proverbial box.  There’s something here for most everyone to enjoy….unless they are the type to take their music too seriously.

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