Simone Lalli – “Muta/Larva” EP Review (electronic)

So today we travel to Italy and it should be no surprise to anyone who reads this that it’s something inventive and that which doesn’t precisely fit in a pre-defined “box.” Some of the greatest artists come from Italy. If you are reading this, are a noise/drone fan and haven’t heard CADLAG’s “Votivkirche”, you are missing a masterpiece. But that is neither here nor there. Back to the task at hand..

Simone Lalli brings us a 2-track EP, Muta/Larva “which consolidates and extends the path he already embarked on with Marefermo. Muta/Larva also functions as a sneak peek of Simone’s musical direction for a full-length upcoming album.”

The first thing that is striking about this release is the pristine production. So, if the artist takes his time with the intricacies of composition in the same respect, we should be in for a good EP.

The first track, “Muta” clocks in at just under 4 minutes. Styalistically there seems to be quite a bit going on here. There is almost a subdued dubstep feel about the beat and some of the wavy synths which also kind of bring to mind some of the analog sounds of 70s prog rock. But here we have an inventive mix of a steady but non-traditional 4×4 beat based around a keyboard pattern (sounds like a harpsichord or a Sopor Aeturnus style series of bell hits) This is a pretty good merger of styles that builds up from the beginning and successfully blends patterns that otherwise might not traditionally go together. It’s a track that should be listened to a few times to understand the depth and to be appreciated fully.

The second track, “Larva”, starts with a similar wavy analog synth as what apeared in “Muta” but this beat could very easily be similar to an agressive hip-hop beat. But then we hear mixtures of 90s/late 80s synth hits coming in and out of the hypnotic wavy synth repetitions. I think this track succeeds in it’s ability to alternate between depth and minimalistm in a tasteful matter.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Simone Lalli does with a full album. I have a feeling it also will be something outside the proverbial “box.” Leave it to the Italian creatives to give us something new and well-worth enjoying.

Go support the artist HERE:

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