Ramos Dual & Yul Navarro Reveal Animal-Conscious “Somos Vista” Video

“SOMOS VISITA” is the new video by Ramos Dual & Yul Navarro, industrial electronics with animal consciousness. It is the third video single preview of the forthcoming album, Arrastramos Sombras.

On this occasion, the band opts for electronics with a marked industrial character, where the distortion and the beat go as deep as the message of this track: a hymn to animal consciousness and the questioning of human beings and their role in our life planet.

“Somos Visita”, a song mixed by Ramos Dual and David Kano in Estudio Silencio and mastered by Ludwig Love, has in its first audiovisual part the photographic and plastic work of Jon Saunders, a perfect metaphor for the speech that the artist couple wants to make us arrive, symbolism of the passage of humanity and its influence both on nature and on the rest of the species that make up life on Earth.

The 2nd part of the video clip is built with images rescued from the documentaries “Destruction of the planet-a sad reality”, “Animal abuse-the harsh reality of slaughterhouses” and “Invisible lives”.

In them, Ramos Dual & Yul Navarro have found a clear representation of the impact and effect that many of us cause as visitors in this “ship” called Mother Earth, emphasizing the sewers of the meat industry, exploitation and consumerism massive.

And it is that “Somos Visita” addresses what human beings influence their environment during their fleeting presence in this physical world and makes us reflect on whether we are good or bad visitors, if we are aware of it and our transience in this planet, as well as the trace we leave, or whether or not that same trace will be forever.

The assembly and editing of the video clip are made by Ramos Dual himself, who has also used homemade images, recorded in Yul’s attic, for this visual piece.


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