Prefix Suffix – “It’s All Noise” Album Review (harsh noise)

No title could be closer to the truth of today’s offering. Denmark’s Prefix Suffix comes to us with their latest cassette/digital release, It’s All Noise.

Two tracks make up the release, each of which is twenty minutes in length. Both of the cuts stay pretty much in the upper frequencies and are at about the same pace. But the first track is a little thinner whereas the second seems a bit more full, still, however not dipping too far into the low-end frequencies.

Both of the tracks on the album, are straight, in-your-face, old school harsh noise walls. I’d almost be inclined to be inclined to call these noise screens or panels as “walls” somewhat implies a strong foundation or in this case, “low end.” There’s nothing wrong with that of course. If you are a fan of harsh noise, and specifically upper/mid frequency static, It’s All Noise is about as good as you’ll get.

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