TRAJEDESALIVA – “Ultratumba” Album Review (darkwave)

We go now to Spain for a project, somewhat unclassifiable called TRAJEDESALIVA. They bring us their new release, “Ultratumba” which translates to “Afterlife.” It seems to be an appropriate name for the mystical-sounding journey undertaken by the listener. Mixing dark ambient, noise, drones and cinematic bleakness.

“Ultratumba” – Trajedesaliva

“Afterlife” is an album full of passion, anguish, bitterness and melancholia, created with pure analogue electronics.” – Bandcamp

The album begins with a couple of somber tracks that remind us of some B-movie scenes of loss, desperation, sadness and the like. This develops in the third track to a very harsh exploration driven by a fierce noise drone and a ambient undercurrents. It switches back to the somber with the following track. “Arenas Calientes” in which the noise takes a back sea to the cavernous, uncomfortable, borderline frightening trip we are now on. Some of the more effective moments are those in tracks like “Mama es un animal morado” where we have passages of narration which add to the creepy factor. Again we’re taken on an 80s B-movie trip and again in a feeling of loss and desperation.

“Ultratumba” is not an uplifting album by any means. But then I don’t think that was the intention. If the intention herein is to take the listener on either the journey of the passing from life to the afterlife or the journey of sadness taken by the people left behind, then this is an extremely successful release. Highly cinematic, highly contemplative, desperate and a soundtrack for the lonely. It will be interesting what Spain’s export will come up with next.

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