Friends,… It means the world to me that you take time to appreciate the blog. Like most people now, we are struggling and at the moment, I can’t afford the $96 it will take to renew the blog. It’s past due so the blog could go down at any moment.

So I will offer incentives to anyone who can donate.

Many of you know that I handle publicity for artists. Depending on the type of act you have, I can do the following for you: (Normally I would not charge to put anything up on the blog)

$10 – Social Media Shout. – I’ll go into my Mailchimp program and send a note through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and send the word out about you. Yes, it will be hashtagged

$25 – Guaranteed review or interview on

$50 – Press Release – I’ll create a press release to make your album, single, EP, video or LP look nice. I’ll give you the link and do nothing further.

$100 – Press Release Plus – If you are a goth/industrial/ebm or hard rock/metal act, I’ll create a press release and send it to my list. I will forward any postings to you. I’ll also do some manual posts in a few sites so it gets

Contact me at for paypal instructions or any questions. Thanks!

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