NEEQ SERENE (UK Electronic) Announces New Single, “The Others.”

UK experimental/electronic artist NEEQ SERENE has just released her new single, “The Others.”

Neeq combines haunting vocal layers with dark synthesizers and progressive drum-beats, creating a melancholic and introspective soundscape that crosses over genres of trip-hop, IDM and gothic neo-folk.

UK born and Kashmiri by origin, Neeq has been a writer since her early teens, particularly interested in exploring themes of identity, culture and the dimensions of existence. 2019 saw the launch of PINERO|SERENE, a dream-pop song-writing collaboration alongside bass player, Cheryl Pinero, with the first single, ‘Take My Soul’ premiered in Clash Magazine.

In this new sonic chapter, Neeq reveals a self-reflective journey through minimal, electronic music and deep lyricism, drawing on influences such as Radiohead, Unkle, Portishead and Bjork.

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