Freeze Etch – “All Context Vanishes” Album Review (electro/ebm)

a3002967079_16Today we switch gears slightly and give you an intriguing ebm/electro artist, Freeze Etch and their long-awaited release, All Context Vanishes.

“Coming 12 years after Indiana-based Adam Duckworth’s first full-length album (2008’s Vessels LP), All Context Vanishes covers a wide gamut of dark electronic styles. Lush, cinematic ambience and brooding downtempo beats collide with aggressive dancefloor industrial techno and traces of post-punk on this long-overdue return to production.”

All Context Vanishes; a concept we love to explore in this blog as it implies the idea of simply letting the music speak for itself, providing the listener the opportunity to use their own imagination.  In any case, we have an 11-track release that does just that.  Pristine mixing and production provide a great sense of dynamics and depth.

Freeze Etch explores different avenues as evident in such tracks like “Conscious Image” where we find ambient planes merged with electro beats in a modernized Kraftwerk kind of way.  I’d venture to guess that much of the 12 years between this release and its predecessor was spent writing and recording this album.  There is a LOT going on herein…different styles, textures etc.  Then in a track like “Clandestine Professionals” we have a bit of an 80s B-movie analog vibe amidst a very spacious scene.  A track like this makes me think that the artist was thinking on conceptual levels.  As in this track, there is indeed a sense of immediacy and spaciousness.

Definitely a worthwhile listen for fans who like a mixture of ambient and electro.

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