Wvalaam Klous – “Living Hell” Album Review (industrial/ebm)

a0773149978_16Coming to us today from the newly established Brvtalist Sound Recordings is the cassette/digital release of Wvalaam Klous’s Living Hell.  

The only thing we really know about the artist is that he is a conceptual artist based in London who combines various forms of sound design.  ***

Wow, there is a lot going on in this release.  Where to begin?  From obvious similarities like 80s icons Art of Noise to perhaps more modern artists like Fix8 Sed8, Wvalaam Klous dives into territory that is both experimental and structured all on the same page.  This is a perfect deluge of moodiness and liveliness, of starkness and thickness.

The release contains 8 regular cuts and 2 remixes.  Many moments in this release take whimsical  pieces with haunting, background soundscape planes.  80s horror soundtracks are no doubt an influence herein.  Very complex and genre-bending, this album is ebm without being ebm, industrial without really being industrial.  Primitive meets modern in this cassette whose format no doubt enhances the character.  But I think to fully appreciate this release, one has to submerge themselves with the volume up and earbuds in.

Definitely looking forward to what this adventurous artist puts out next.  I’ve no idea who this guy is.  But he’s bloody brilliant and imaginative.



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*** Welcome to the Dark Side!
Through self imposed isolation, a world was created in a bid to escape a reality of sadness, utter chaos and destruction. There is a war going on in the underworld, I am fighting for my sanity, the gates of hell, endless torture, where evil screams, a realm where all the pain and suffering goes. Everything is falling apart, trapped in a void, grinding into emptiness. The never-ending grey sky, overpowering drones, heavy machinery, sharp metal scraping concrete, the towering cranes, hanging in the distance.

All tracks were written and captured during real life outbursts of insanity, depression and suffering.

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