Ruben Kotkamp – “Fall/Winter 19’20” EP Review

Fall 19’20 – Ruben Kotkamp

Coming to us from The Netherlands is ambient/noise artist Ruben Kotkamp who presents his latest digital release, Fall/Winter 19’20 EP.

According to the artist, “fall/winter 19’20 is a compilation of edited material from past projects in contemporary dance, audiovisual art and concert music. Materials from multiple unrelated projects are arranged and mixed into one coherent whole. The red thread in my work is a desire for the physicality and objectivity of sound. It is about geometry, silver and iridescence, broken textures, sharp corners. I am trying to approach music as design. Like an Iris van Herpen garment shown from many different angles.”

In a case such as this release, an explanation such as the one above might be a good thing indeed.  Ruben takes some twists and turns with this EP that are completely unexpected.  I suppose you could consider it like a sampler or mixtape of different things he can do.  It would be interesting to see him expand on some of these ideas.  From ambient, ethereal planes to minimalist noise inclusion to the odd, but interesting vocal lines.  If you are familiar with the work of Rudolf, the absolute master of creating uncomfortable listening experiences in a minimalist way, you might find Ruben’s work appealing.

Anyway, a worthwhile listen if you are a noise fan looking for something outside the box.

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