Proud/Father – “Sunlight Breaks Over The Black Pearl” Album Review (ambient/noise)

a2478204422_16Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana is Proud/Father; a one-man project that presents the new release, Sunlight Breaks Over The Black Pearl.  The artist states, “It features heavy Heldon inspired synth and guitar explorations, ambient soundscapes of manipulated tape loops, effected rhythm boxes, and pulsating blasts of textured noise. “

There are some strange (in a good way) but interesting things going on in this 14 track release which comes across as a series of short dreams within a larger landscape.  The opening track, ” A River’s Dream” for example, merges an ultra-low end ambient foreground that appears to wash toward the listener while a really trippy and dare I say, almost prog-rock like high-end key sound drifts above like some kind of odd bird or something.

Then in “Darkness Past The Levee Part 1” the artist manages to merge some fast pace electro-pulse with some low-end drone.  “Part 2” then appears to explore a more textural approach perhaps caused by several layers of sound planes.  It’s a track like that which gives a very oppressive, dense feel… one of the many aspects of this album.

There’s really a LOT to take in with this album.  And that is by no means a bad thing at all.  If anything, the album showcases Proud/Father’s crazy ability to explore different dynamics and styles.  I could see Proud/Father taking different aspects of this album, perhaps spacing them out and exploring each on their own in longer pieces.  It will be interesting to see what comes next for Proud/Father.  Definitely for fans of avant-garde noise, drone and ambient listeners who like to think outside the box.

***The Black Pearl is a neighborhood in New Orleans enclosed by Audubon Park, St. Charles, and the Mississippi River levee. It’s history is a rich tapestry of changing hands, family names lost to time. City planners and property developers attempted to shape the triangular neighborhood into a reflection of its surroundings and era, of their needs and desires for prosperity. But inside the people of the small, isolated community, there existed a power reaching farther back than the names of its streets. Long before an arbitrary value was placed on the land, the people of the Black Pearl would walk slowly into the water, commune with the river, taking their secrets back and forth. It is whispered that they continue to swim in their rituals, late at night as the calls of the barges echo against the crown of the zzlevees.

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