NERATERRÆ – “Scenes From The Sublime” Album Review (dark ambient)

Scenes From The Sublime – NERATERRÆ

NERATERRÆ is one of the indisputable underground masters of curating dark ambient tapestries that command the listener’s mindfulness of depth and perception.  Here Cyclic Law presents the highly anticipated 10 track follow-up to NERATERRÆ’s previous release, The Substance Of Perception; each one of these new tracks being inspired by a different painting.

“Scenes From the Sublime is an ode to beauty, the unfathomable and the minds capable of channeling the sublime. A captivating yet unsettling contemplative aural experience that guides the listener through dense dystopian atmospheres granting oneiric visions of delicate grandeur and otherworldly scenarios transcending time and space.”

Scenes From the Sublime features collaborations by Alphaxone, Dödsmaskin, Leila Abdul-Rauf, Mount Shrine, Phelios, Phragments, Shrine, Xerxes The Dark, George Zafiriadis from Martyria and Yann Hagimont from Cober Ord.

This album is almost like walking alone in the wing of a museum or perhaps an abandoned theme mark.  All, the while, the listener is subjected to emotions ranging from trepidation to nostalgia of a happier time-moments when viewers and families went through these locations by the dozens.  Simply put, NERATERRÆ plays dark ambient the way it’s supposed to be done.  Cavernous, vast yet emotionally familiar and immediate at times.

NERATERRÆ is a must-have for dark ambient/drone fans into such acts as Xerxes The Dark.  Available on CD and digital formats.

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