∆ø∆ -“Lost Souls Of The River” EP Review (dark ambient/drone)

a3794097583_16It’s not often we get an opportunity to travel the subterranean levels of Budapest, Hungary.  But today is an exception.  Today we visit ∆ø∆’s recent 4-track EP, Lost Souls Of The River. 

The EP runs about 17 minutes.  I think the mark of a good dark ambient release is when the artist is clearly mindful of dynamics such as depth, direction and speed, mixing them up during the tracks.  That’s kind of what we have here.  Some of the tracks such as “Lost Souls Pt. 4” are more “cinematic” in nature, like soundtracks for short films.  Track 2 sounds like some blackened, murky sea with slowly-undulating waves.  Part 3 takes a less-subterranean approach with brisk sound shards and high-speed ambient light waves.  But the whole EP is pretty enjoyable as a whole for a dark ambient release.  ∆ø∆ has a new release arriving shortly which makes this writer curious as to what direction the artist is going to take us next.

For now, check the EP out if you are a dark ambient fan.  Plenty to enjoy here.  Definitely for fans of cinematic dark ambient.


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