Antico Lunario – “Epitaffio” Album Review (neo-folk)

a3273408906_16Coming to us from Italy is a nice “neo-progressive folk rock” ensemble by the name of Antico Lunario and their ltd. edition CD, Epitaffio.    

So what is “neo-progressive folk rock?”  It’s Anico Lunario’s unique blend of folk rock, neo-folk, neoclassical.  The group states, We like making the most romantic music we can achieve, playing for people and telling stories through musical notes and lore.”

The album contains 6 solid, enjoyable tracks which showcase various styles of the group; some of the tracks showing more than one style.  The group really shines when styles blend in tracks like “Epitaffio.”  The record sounds very organically created and as though the band recorded live in one take.  Our imagination even leans toward the band sitting at a campsite or fireside playing.  

The album’s opener, “We Will Go Home” has the only English language title and bears a somber, reflective, nostalgic vibe as does much of the release.  This track in particular is perhaps more reminiscent of traditional neo-folk bands like Death In June or Darkwood, but mixed with some Renaissance flavor.  “Sulla Trepidazione” stands out in it’s faster tempo and key changes and complex polyphonies.  I also like the “outdoor” feel of the track which makes us wonder if they utilize field recordings.

There’s nothing at all disappointing about this release.  The band puts a lot of pride and care into the music as well as into the presentation of the physical product.  Definitely enjoyable for fans of neo-folk and guitar-based neo-classical music.

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