NIHHUS – “Nose of Wax” Album Review (drone/ambient)

a0712268155_16If you have been a faithful reader to the blog over the past 2-3 years, you might have noticed from time to time that one of the things that fascinates us is receiving submissions with little to no context.  Therefore, we are left to zero in on only the art.  

So today we bring you a mysterious project out of Dallas, Texas by an artist called Nihhus with a release called Nose of Wax.  No social media.  No Youtube.  No streaming except for Bandcamp.  Just deep, sonic currents, pure and simple.  

Again, referring to the no-context aspect, we have 5 tracks labelled simply “1 – 5.”  

Dark ambient tones are paired with drone undercurrents for a pretty pleasant journey into which the listener can drift freely and create their own imagination; for the first couple of tracks anyway.  By track 3, the artist starts experimenting with an over-driven effect along with perhaps a slightly deeper background.  “IV” is nice with the feeling of either a fireside of a dusty vinyl LP as the columnar drones rise up and develop in depth then remain constant before dropping off.  “V” is a bit different with the higher ambient planes and less of a drone-like effect.

What Nihhus creates is a great introduction into what they can do.  The tracks are short enough and with enough variance to make fans of ambient/drone music pleased.  PLUS.. it’s only $1 US dollar (though I’d encourage you to chip in more) so you have no excuse to not check this out.

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