Mebitek – “A Dark Modular Tale” EP Review (dark ambient/drone)

a3652602969_16Coming to us from Italy is an obscure artist involved not only in dark music but also video productions and art installations.  Mebitek presents, “A Dark Modular Tale,” their digital-only EP.  

From Bandcamp: “From the acid and dusty factories of the electronic underground, through the devastated and pure immacolated nature of Sardinia, an explosion of anger and melancholy darkness transforms electronics into a cinematic orchestra.  This is Mebitek, the manufactured experience.

Mebitek presents a two-track EP merging the worlds of dark ambient and drone with faint wisps of infused noise and neo-classical elements like the use of solo strings.  Mebitek treats their work with an exploration of depth perception, sonically guiding the listener from feelings of starkness and loneliness to that of paranoia and suspended animation.  The lo-fi grainy LP-like texture definitely adds to the over-all effect.

What Mebitek seems to do is create a bedrock foundation with drone elements on which to lay a dichotomy of improvisation and structure.  Space-like nuances and almost natural, new age weaving kind of brings the listener into the arena of a Southwestern US night-time sky.  The EP definitely leaves room for the imagination which leads me to be interested in where the artist will take us next.  

Worth checking out if you are into experimental, ambient or drone work.

two tracks for about 20 minutes long dark modular experience.
01 – Never Forgive (Poughkeepsie Tape) – 06:32
02 – A Dark Modular Tale – 11:44

Since I compose, record and produce everything by myself alone, I have my small home recording studio. If we talk about DAW, usually I work in Ableton Live.

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