Interview With German Noise Artist CHAOS CASCADE

A-4301615-1426521255-7890.jpegChaos Cascade is a one-man harsh noise/power electronics act out of Germany.  Bandcamp states: “Chaos Cascade reveals four new tracks that even if relying less on fast outbursts don´t lose any dominance. These disturbing mid paced sounds will shatter your listening comfort & haunt your subconscious.” Their latest release is a split with Scatmother called Sacrificial Rites Of Devotion courtesy of Dunkelheit Productions.  We’d like to thank Chaos Cascade for the interview.

Can you give us a background of Chaos Cascade and your meaning behind the name?

Everything happens for a reason and there’s not always a special meaning for it.
Chaos Cascade was formed just out of boredom/just for fun.   There’s no meaning behind it.  There’s no meaning behind anything.  Everyone should just take it easy and accept shit how it happens.  That’s pretty much the the rule of Chaos Cascade.

The new release is a split with Scatmother called “Sacrificial Rites of Devotion.”  How does the title and artwork tie both of the projects together?

The guy behind Scatmother (and I just call him guy out of personal respect) and I are friends out of mutual tastes/interests.  We worked on our stuff and looked for something that represents/combined our style. There´s a lot of thoughts/meaning behind Scatmother.  There´s also a lot of thought behind Chaos Cascade when it comes to artwork but it’s too personal to talk about it.  I have my ideas but when it comes to split releases I’m very easy-going.  From my personal view, the cover art shows ALOT of Scatmother with secret ingredients of Chaos Cascade. it’s a perfect fusion of total devotion AND absolute ignorance/hate 

Some of your earlier work seems rooted more in black metal, whereas the newer work seems more noise-oriented.  Is this accurate?  If so, why the change?

Chaos Cascade never had any certain direction. When I started I had a mix of Nyogtheblisz/Gnaw Their Tongues with a lot of PE influences in my mind.  In the end it never sounded the way I originally planned.  But I was still more than satisfied with it.

Gnaw their Tongues was probably my main influence.  But in the end everything just sounded more like another nyogthaeblisz/tetragrammacide wannabe.  No complaints from my side.  That’s just the way it happened.  I always wanted to go more and more the PE way, so it just happened it got more PE over the years.  I consider myself/CC as a bastard child of many influences/styles.  I don´t care about any scene.  This is stuff for anyone/no one. You like it, cool.  You hate it, whatever. 

How is it about 2 opposite styles, namely noise and dungeon synth that seem so far apart can be associated with black metal?

I really don’t care about scenes/genres.  I personally do MY stuff.

How much of your work is improvised and how much is structured?  The same question goes for your live performances?

People who know me personally know in how many projects I´m involved.  I personally am all about chaos/improvisation.  Anyway, Chaos Cascade is mostly pretty much structured and especially the old school stuff sounds way more chaotic because of all the distortion/FX.  I have a special way to work on my stuff and its pretty much how I feel. but like I mentioned before, most stuff is pretty much more structured than most people think.

What do you think that Germany has to offer with their noise artists that other countries do not?

Doesn’t matter where you come from or what “scene” you belong.  I personally don´t care.  There´s good and bad stuff from wherever

What releases within and outside the noise area have been the most inspirational for you?

I personally listen to pretty much everything.  But I try to just do what I feel like.  I really don’t care about scenes/genres.  I pretty much listen to everything from David Hasselhoff to Deathpile.  And my influences vary from here to there.  NO FUCKIN RULES!

Have you ever had a strange audience reaction at a show?

Chaos Cascade was never really supposed to be a live act. but the response has actually been ALOT better that i expected.  For example, the first live show I played (at Elektroanschlag, which has a very mixed crowd), there were just about 20 people but they totally worshiped the whole set.  THAT was strange!

What plans do you have for the next few months for Chaos Cascade?

There are a lot of plans. A LOT of releases are still planned AND are already recorded. NEW album, Son of the Void re-release (with brand new bonus tracks), 4-way split CD, Split 7″ EP with RxAxPxE, plus a lot more 

You refer to “prophecies,” “gospel,” and “ceremony” some of your track and album titles.   How important are religion and ritual for your work?

NOT important at all. My recordings are a ritual. That´s it.  No more infos.

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