Suture – “Atomage” Tape Review (harsh noise)

Atomage – Suture

Imagine finding yourself as the last person in existence residing in barren, apocalyptic landscapes, at least until you transition into purgatory.  Low frequency static-graced drones slowly rise from every direction.

Suture creates such an atmosphere with their new digital and ltd. cassette, Atomage.  The mystery surrounding this artist and the inspiration behind their tracks is something we can appreciate.  We know only of their residence in Italy.

Five tracks, aptly named “Atomage” (Pts. 1-5) remove any suggested context thereby allowing the listener to appreciate this work for what it is.  What Sutre creates herein is a series of tracks that fuse undulating drones and effect-laden, manipulated heavy static waves.  Barren, almost death industrial landscapes that merge the vastness and apocalyptic vibe with an oddly personal paranoia.

Definitely not for strict noise fans only interested in the ridiculous (in a good way) dynamics of the likes of KK Null or Merzbow.  Atomage is more of a release suitable for noise connoisseurs who love to put on an album and find themselves enveloped in the madness or serenity depending on how you view this art form. 

Only a few tapes remain so if you are an avid collector of physical copies, get on it immediately.

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