iNtox-Z – “Punitive Psychiatry” Album Review

a2890766150_16It’s been a while since we did a review.  So what better excuse than an aurally abrasive release courtesy of one of the most prolific noise labels, Wall Noise Action.  

Leave it to our friends, the Russians to not only distribute material of this caliber, but also create it.  Such is the case herein.  What we have is a digital-only release from obscure noise act iNtox-Z called Punitive Psychiatry.  

This release contains 11 tracks of reasonable length, thus holding the listeners attention.  There is a lot going on in some of these pieces so it’s best to give it a few listens to really appreciate it.  

Unapologetic, highly-abrasive and certainly dynamic albeit intentional or unintentional.  Many of the cuts contain high-powered, fast, harsh static noise walls.  In a case like “Water Treatment,” they almost appear to float over some kind of drone in the background.  In some cases, the use of filters and effects drives the listener to an odd point of being pulled in and feeling suspended in place.  Thus, showing iNtox-Z’s mindfulness of dynamics within each track.

Then you take a track like “Defuse Like An Animal” which focuses on low-end manipulation and the harsh, rapid change between guttural and high-pitched frequencies.  “Tranquilizer” might be appreciated by the most critical KK Null fans.  You’ll just have to take our word for it.

There’s something for every noise fan here.  Look to Russia for some of the best, harshest sonic destruction around.

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