Rapt – “Within Thrall” EP Review (dark ambient/neofolk)

a2378712288_16Coming to us from the UK is a mysterious act by the name of Rapt and their new EP, Within Thrall.  Let’s just be blunt.  Rare is it that you find this level of purity in any act that dares to darken the lines between neo-folk and shoegaze.

Rapt is the project belonging to Jacob Ware.  Within Thrall contains 5 tracks.  The EP features the voice (and guitars) of one Ms. Demi Haynes of the criminally underrated US shoegaze band Seashine and the piano work of Nestor Middleton.

“Wax & Rosewood” is a track that oddly enough is based around a pattern that somewhat resembles that of Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan” at least in the main part of the verses.  This is a great example of the Rapt’s ability to lay heavenly layers atop the sonic earth.  You know this music is done right when the vocals are so weaved in and out that, at moments they become indescribable with the music and ambient waves. 

Granted, Rapt is not a project that relies on ether to cover up substance.  Quite the contrary.  Musically, Rapt straddles lines between Neofolk and Americana and dips its fist in the ether of shoegaze.  Insert the production quality and we’re brought forth reminders of the purity of loner folk releases of the 60s.

I did have one problem with this release.  It’s too damn short.  

For fans of: Of The Wand and The Moon, Sun Kil Moon, Nick Drake and Grouper. 

Within Thrall is a Name Your Own Price release.  But do consider supporting artists like this.  Heart and soul of this caliber is a rarity these days.  


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