Säröllä – “DNA Mirror Live” Album Review (experimental/dark ambient)

a1976073244_16Not since Mick Harris’s SCORN have electronic beats so ingeniously been met with textures of noise and dark ambient backdrops.  So, we’re pleased to bring you another release from Finland’s Säröllä; their digital album, DNA Mirror Live.

If you can get past the incredibly high-pitched ringing in the first couple of tracks, then you are good to go as we have seven total tracks.  However, in terms of dynamics of noise and experimental music, I understand 100% the need to use highs and lows.  It is in fact the relationship between high and low frequencies that are one of many reasons why we listen to this work.

Säröllä has thus far amassed a half dozen releases beginning with the harsh noise of Lopussa 108 and venturing into territories of ambiance and truly unique rhythms and textures.  This record is no different in that regard.  What this release does, however, is explore further a direction between structure and experimentation, between stylistic juxtaposition within the same context (the live show) and an exploration into a straight up mind-warping creation.

Track 5, “DNA 5” is hands-down the highlight with the beginning being comprised of the liturgical-sounding samples in repetition mixed with thick analog waves.  In Säröllä fashion, more unique rhythms are are introduced and mixed in.  With Säröllä, you might not be able to dance.  But you will remember this project for its unique contributions to noise, dark ambient and electronic music.

Digital-only release.  Highly-recommended of course.



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