V/A – “Thee Babblogues Vol. 02 (ambient/vocal/ritual)

a0006516568_16“Strange,” “Interesting” and “Beautiful” barely come close to describing some of the tracks on the Various Artists compilation that we have for you today.  From the Somber Soniks label comes a digital-only 11-track release called Thee Babblogues Vol. 02.

In celebration of the Winter Solstice, Somber Soniks asked the artists to focus on the “magikal and ethnomuzikologikal usage of the voice.”  And yes… those words are intentionally misspelled.  It’s part of the unique character of the label.

Here’s the fascinating part of the album.  All tracks were created using only vocal sounds.
The tracks range from  “word cut-ups to trance-inducing harmonies; throat singing to euphoric melodies.”  Over an hour of vocal manipulations, each track being unique is why this release is so fascinating. 

The album begins with the stark-sounding spoken word track, “Experiments and Subversions” by Vanessa Sinclair.  “Praised” is a 14-minute track from Grist that, appropriately to the name, sounds similar in some ways to liturgical singing.  Though some of the vocal undertones make it, shall we say… sound unorthodox.  Guy Harries creates a pretty fascinating and engulfing track, “Across The Frozen Lake” that is very drone-like in the beginning but then develops vocally into a track that is reminiscent of old-Arcanta (Projekt Records). 

But perhaps the most fascinating and diverse track is “Shava-Sdhana” by Contemplatron.  Again, using only vocal manipulations, the artist here actually alters the volume and mixing to the point where the overdrive creates a noise/static-like effect.  The artist also makes full use of echo, reverb and a multitude of other effects in complex layering to create the most diverse track on the release.

Highly recommended if you are into the strange experimental.  Available as a digital-only release.



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