Oestergaards – “Maal Niir” EP Review (dark ambient/noise)

a0915350554_16We travel now into a darkened, murky world; subterranean and graced by wisps of noise. Today we have the new release by Sweden’s dark ambient masters Oestergaards.  Maal Niir is the offering for today.  After the debut album Rötterna and the subsequent remix album Rötterna Decomposed, Oestergaards is now back with a 4-track EP that goes deeper into the dark ambient genre.”

From Bandcamp: “You do not quench the sun with a jug of water” is an expression that no-one has said before but can match the dark ambient artist Oestergaards. Step by step, his dark-lied world receives attention internationally in that slightly shadowy genre.”

The 4 tracks on the EP range from 4:16 to just over 6:11 getting the point across and preventing the listener from getting bored.  “Maal Niir” begins with a great example of now static, gurgling noise can be used minimally and tastefully to add another dynamic or dimension to the tracks.  “Maal Niir” takes a real haunting and uncomfortable turn at the end with some minimal piano amidst the build-up of ambient winds.  Track 2, “Niirbrotn,” is an exploration of different ambient layers and deep drones built up to add depth and dimension.

“Rasiirat” is more of a noise/drone piece that stands to be one of the more spooky tracks I’ve heard in a while from the dark ambient arena.  Sounds that mimic heavily-muffled whispers among darkened caverns in a perpetual, slow descent.  That’s “Rasiirat.”  The descent continues with the final track, “Kullmeija” and into more of a spiral, echoing free-fall moving away from death industrial and cinematic views as the track continues.

A very nice EP indeed; a great mix of dark ambience, death industrial and tastefully-done noise.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Oestergaards does next.


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