Hocico – “Shalom From Hell Aviv: Blasphemies In The Holy Land Pt. II” Album Review (ebm/industrial)

077763Live albums among the ebm/industrial community aren’t exactly plentiful which makes today’s selection all the more special.  The legendary Hocico return with a new live offering; Shalom From Hell Aviv: Blasphemies In The Holy Lane Pt. II.

“Who ever thinks about „Blasphemies In The Holy Land“ also remembers the amount of power this legendary live album evokes even nowadays. So it was a kind of obvious to create another monument in its tradition. „Shalom From Hell Aviv“ shows the band in absolute top form with an audience bringing the pedal to the metal from the first to the last moment.” – Out Of Line Records 

A couple of stand-out features makes this release a worthwhile buy even though you long-time Hocico fans have already heard the tracks and in that sense, are not surprised.  The track list is predominantly different from previous live albums from Hocico.  Second is the the sound quality.  The mixing is such that the listener can grasp the purity in the raw live recording with the crowd only appearing really in between the tracks.  Of course nothing compares to the real live experience.  But Shalom From Hell Aviv is a great documentation of Hocico in a live setting.  I think that perhaps the only element that could be improved on would be a little more “low-end” in the mix.  Other than that… a pretty great recording.  It should also be noticed that Hocico might have one of the most cinematic-sounding, anticipatory intros ever with “Blackout.”  

Hocico has already recorded a couple of fantastic live albums.  And this is yet another.


Sex Sick
In The Name Of Violence
No One Gets Out Alive
Bite Me!
I Abomination
Heart Attack
Dead Trust
Forgotten Tears
A Fatal Desire
Tiempos de Furia
Twist The Thorn


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