Krampusnacht – “Superstar” Album Review (dungeon synth)

Krampusnacht – dungeon synth from Greenland

Travelling to territories previously unknown to this blog is something that interests us and in today’s offering, we take you to Greenland for some holiday dungeon synth.  SuperStar is the latest offering from Krampusnacht.

From Bandcamp: “Krampusnacht is a traditional dungeon synth project, who’s taken back the original melodies of old European folk tunes that were turned into Christmas Carols by various composers throughout the ages.”

SuperStar is a nine-track release that contains an “overture” and “reprise.”  What we have here is a collection of twisted and original takes on holiday classics; whimsical and unique interpretations which lead the listener to believe the uniqueness might be the result of their own original composition.  

A lot of the traditional dungeon synth instrumentation is used (i.e. harpsichords, old Arp synth sounds, bassoon sounds etc and the traditional-sounding percussion strikes).  Then you have a track like “Expedition 50” which brings forth a ghostly, almost ethereal feel to the album.  But “Veni, Veni, O Belznickel” might be the highlight as it brings to the imagination a liturgical atmosphere with the darkened interpretation of ” O Come Emmanuel.”  Whimsical nuances take occasional flight in the background to the occasional accompaniment of sleigh bells and xylophone sounds.  A pretty interesting interpretation indeed.

SuperStar is a release to enjoy for all dungeon synth fans while the season is here or to recall the pleasant and unpleasant nostalgia of this time of year.  Available on CD and digital download.

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