Candura – “/I” Tape Review (noise/drone)

a0882035265_16With a bit of mystery and intrigue and need to hear some good noise drones, we go to Portugal to bring Candura’s haunting and disturbing “/I” release.

I/ contains two tracks and seems to be one of those releases that gives the opportunity to hear something new nearly every listen. 

With this digital/cassette release, there is a number of dynamics going on.  On the abstract we have a couple of noisy, enveloping, creepy walls of sound that invite and subsequently disturb the listener.  I would imagine the cassette release with a good stereo system would especially give the album a special sense of character.

What we have sounds like buried percussion, tortured voices and abysmal drones beneath static noise winds and other layers.  What is intriguing is the mystery of whether these sounds are organic and incorporate environmental/field/found sounds or if they are mostly created in the studio.  But perhaps it’s better we don’t know.  That adds to the mystery, right? There’s not a lot of development or progression once the tracks start.  They just kind of get right to the point and take the listener on a very uncomfortable but intriguing trip.

Recommended for noise/drone fans who like a little bit of each of these styles fused into one another.

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