Priority Service Now Available!

Dear Bands, Labels and Faithful Readers…

First, I want you all to know how incredibly grateful I am to you for the support you’ve shown over the past couple of years.  The amount of submissions I’ve received have grown to a point where it is literally impossible to keep up.  So I humbly apologize to anyone whom I’ve forgotten to get back to.

I’ve also gotten a TON of submissions from artists who simply don’t say much information and just send me a bandcamp link or something.  Those are less likely to be listened to because you didn’t show much effort, though I still appreciate you for writing!

I will ALWAYS continue to do reviews and interviews for free but the queue right now is about a few weeks long.  I’ve decided to offer a priority service to bands who 1. I can support as a fan and 2. Who would like a guaranteed review or interview.  If you’ve seen my interviews, you know they are pretty well researched and not all the same questions.

So priority service for reviews is $25 (min. 250 words).  Priority interviews are $35 (minimum 10 questions).

If interested, contact us through the page or and be sure to put the word Priority in the subject line so as to avoid the flood of emails.

Service includes the following also:

  • fully-tagged post with your choice of media links
  • Twitter, Google+ and Facebook sharing on our 3 pages (my personal page, blog page and my assistant’s page)
  • post on Reddit
  • link on up to 2 Youtube videos
  • Indefinite listing in our archive
  • Reduction in price of PR service if you are in the market for that

You are still welcome to send the normal route at the same email.  But be advised, it’s more likely to be put on the side for a bit until I can get to it.  Thanks.  Let me know if interested.


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