Dark Ages PR CEO to appear live on Sat. 10/6/2018

Hey friends, blog readers, current and potential PR clients alike…

Please tune in this Saturday, October 6 2018 at

I am honored to be the guest on The Wastelands radio program and will be discussing New Dark Ages PR, PR/Publicity in general, the blog…other things, music and more.  I hope you can join us.  Should be fun!!

If you are:

A band or artist in need of publicity PR
Just want to know more about the PR/publicity business for underground bands
Blog reader curious about my perspective

Please join us.

Time: 5PM EST (When I’m on – 1hr after start time)
11PM (Great Britain)
12AM (Germany)
7AM (Sun the 7th) (Japan)

If you have ANY questions, send them to me at

Here’s the link to the announcement:

Ancient Visionz invades The Wastelands on Saturday to present an open call show, which is set to be busy.

First up, DJ Spyder from Cranium Radio’s Industrial Espionage shall be joining me from 4pm-5pm EST to chat about his radio show, and discuss his band Isolated Antagonist.

But, it doesn’t stop there, at 5pm EST, William from New Dark Ages PR is calling in to discuss PR, the foundation of New Dark Ages PR, current roster, the underground scenes, potential new clients, band/artists recommendations, and a possible guest call in from one of his artists.

However, yes, there is more! Not only is DJ Spyder co-hosting the show with me, there may be guest calls from myPlanet X Records colleagues to join the discussion.

And, yes, I’m going crazy with this show, DJ Walter and DJ Jeff, owners of Cranium Radio are going to call in, if they can, so it will be an open show presenting various dynamics. If you have an interest in music, humor, and chat, then be sure to note the date down!

When: 6th October, Saturday.


Show times: 4pm-8pm EST (US)/9pm-1am UK.



Ancient Visionz Radio FAQS (streaming on Cranium Radio this Saturday). The link below answers the most common questions about the show.


DJ Spyder & Isolated Antagonist links:

New Dark Ages PR: 

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