Myrkvid – “Demons Are Inside” Album Review (black metal)

Myrkvid-Demons-Are-Inside-600x600From Immortal Frost Productions comes another unapologetic dose of black metal; this time even more-so in the raw vein.  Demons Are Inside, the new EP by French black metal maniacs Myrkvid is what we have now.

Demons Are Inside contains 6 tracks.  Not complex by any means, the riffs and chord progressions are straight out of the realm that lies between old school wave one black metal bands like Venom and old school thrash.  There are even moments such as in “The Return Of Darkness And Evil” where we hear a bit of Motorhead influence.

The production is raw and nasty like an old punk record without being un-listenable.   In fact, if you are into the primitive, raw black metal, it’s very listenable.  The EP is definitely unique to Immortal Frost Productions’ roster in its simple, old-school feel.  “Deathmarch,” however, has some really nice and modern chord progressions.  The track is really a stand-out with the decisions to show the capabilities and diversity in the band.  If the entire EP was as good as this track, they’d have another knock-out.  The EP is good, but I have a feeling that Myrkvid may be hiding more capabilities than they are allowing us to believe with Demons Are Inside.  I would definitely look forward to seeing what they have in store next. 

But if you are into a blend of old-school black metal with modern black metal vocals, this should definitely be up your darkened alley.  Worth checking out.


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