Azaghal – “Valo Pohjoisesta” Album Review (Black Metal)

a2440685157_10Still some black metal artists find ways to create new and original works of art while hanging them on similar tapestries as their contemporaries.  And that’s what we have for you today.

Immortal Frost Productions has a stellar roster and hand picks original black metal bands that never disappoint.  Today we have the new album from Azaghal, Valo Pohjoisesta.

From Immortal Frost Productions: “Despite this being the 11th full-length album of the Finnish veterans Azaghal already, they have not lost the slightest bit of bitterness nor hate – and they are eager to prove it. On « Valo Pohjoisesta » they keep delivering their famous cold and merciless Finnish black metal terror, poured into ten powerful tracks.”

The album is filled with nine hate-filled, furiously-driven cuts and an intro.  Really the stand-out feature over-all is how original some of the key changes and riffing structures are.  Some bands you can almost anticipate what they are going to do next when it comes to chord progressions or key changes.  Not so much here.  Azaghal maintains somewhat of a traditional black metal sound but makes no apologies for really original structures.  Take the main riff in “Mato Joka Sinut Turmelee.”  It sounds like the black metal equivalent of a buzz saw cutting through gritty materials of different consistencies.  

With some death and thrash metal breaks in between, Valo Pohjoisesta is pretty well balanced between yesterday and today, even the future.  And there are certain moments like about 1 minute into “Argenteum Astrum” where a slower, more atmospheric vibe takes over and the harmonics between the guitars and bass are just fantastic.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Immortal Frost Productions has had a habit of never putting out a bad album and this one continues that trend.  Azaghal adds a bit of another dimension to the label’s roster.  Again, a great record with something slightly new to offer in the key changes and chord progressions.  There’s something for every black metal fan here.


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