Sleep Column – “Podzhylka Berezy” Album Review (noise/hnw)

a0162926491_16We close out this Friday afternoon with a wall of noise issued by the almighty Sleep Column.  Podzhylka Berezy is the latest release on Russia’s premier noise label, Wall Noise Action.

Podzhylka Berezy is one long piece clocking in at an hour and seventeen minutes.  The track starts off like a slow-rolling enveloping wave as in a nightmare you cannot escape from.  The dynamics are consistent through the entire duration which makes it a pretty successful noise wall; a lot of low and mid-frequency harsh noise static folded up into one massive barrage.  Then the track ends as smoothly as it began.

Not much else really needs to be said.  If you are a long-time fan of harsh noise walls or are simply curious about the appeal, Wall Noise Action has over 400 releases all priced very low.  So go drop them and Sleep Column some support.  Sleep Column creates nice walls of chaos to wipe away the work week.

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