Promidal – “Transcendence” Single Review (ebm/industrial)

a3336131899_16And now we have a track I’ve been meaning for some time to devote some attention to.  Unlike many sites who won’t give attention unless it’s an EP or LP, I think this is as good of a reason as any to break said industry “rule.”

There are only a handful of tracks in the ebm/industrial/aggro-tech arenas that are capable of giving me goosebumps.

“Transcendence” is one of the few exceptions and is created by the warped crew from Minnesota known as Promidal.

If this is what’s to come from the forthcoming album…. then look out.

Promidal  mixes ebm/industrial with hints of metal and a whole lot of horror vibes to create something that is nothing short of bloody outstanding.  “Transcendence” is a track that can virtually be played over and over again without the listener getting tired or sick of it.  The track starts out with a twisted-sounding, freak-show circus kind of vibe and then proceeds into straight guitar-guided power ebm and borders on Dawn of Ashes-esque industrial metal.  The chorus is catchy as hell and sort of a Cradle of Filth feel against the guitar note picking.  Whereas earlier Promidal releases were more straight ebm/gothic/industrial….  what we have here is of greater depth, darkness and destruction.

Yet another one of these bands that has be excited about the future of this music for sure.

“Transcendence” is available as a Name Your Own Price” download via Bandcamp so you have no excuse not to check it out immediately.

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