Any Second – “Sünde: Mensch” Album Review (ebm/industrial)

366674Any second now….  Any second now people will realize that there is a very serious rebirth of bloody incredible bands and albums in the ebm/industrial/aggrotech arenas.  By the end of 2018, hindsight will be 20/20 and you’ll see.  There is something VERY special pounding in the underground.  

Dare I say it starts with German bands like SynthAttack, Stahlnebel & Black Selket and now the new album from Berlin’s Any Second.

From Out of Line Records:  “The trio bring you earth-quaking dance beats that will send shivers through your entire body in this pounding compilation.  The band will have you craving for more after every song.  Any Second push the envelope, smashing the barriers of the aggrotech genre.”

Sünde: Mensch is the new album released on Out of Line Records from this brilliant German trio.  11 tracks comprise the main album in addition to a 10-track remix album (featuring master re-workings by amazing bands like SiTD, SynthAttack, and Tanzresonanz).

Filled with the fiery delivery of course, German lyrics, Sünde: Mensch rarely lets up from point A to point B.  There is not a ton of experimentation except in some of the nuances in some of the tracks.  For the most part, this is a fierce resurgence of the sound that we have come to know and love which has thankfully been given a new life by some of the aforementioned bands.  Is it boring?  No…  anything but.  “Freakshow” is a mid-tempo track equal to the likes of a slithering snake or predatory animal; catchy and destined to destroy club speakers.  “Zorn” is the lead single from the album; a track whose music brings us back to the magic of the analog-laden 90s Leaether Strip with a hint of Plastic Noise Experience.

“Niedergang” is definitely a highlight with the relentless pounding and synth strikes; yet another track capable of getting masses of people to move.  “Ashes” leaves the listener virtually incapable of breaking something with the killer beat and striking of the synth keys along with the forceful lyric delivery…. Something will eventually be broken during this song.. your ear drums, speakers, your desk… you’ll see. 

With a fantastic ebm/aggrotech record like this, we could go on and on… but we won’t.  Go hear for yourself.  Any Second is one of those bands that makes a PR/Publicist guy like me want to work harder for the music they create.  Available on Out of Line now.  417219

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