Trash Deity – “Cross & Divide” Album Review


A real treat of immense proportions is what we have for you today.  Cross & Divide is the new release from Trash Deity available on Metropolis Records now!

Trash Deity is Groovie Mann aka Franke N. Nardiello (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult frontman/writer) and accomplished music producer and Industrial artist John D. Norten (Blue Eyed Christ).

“Cross & Divide Album is an album for now and is a representation of the confrontational and divisive times we live in.  Each song has its own identity, but the album was designed to be a trip on a journey. It sounds totally cohesive and totally chaotic at the same time…just like us! (John Norton)”

Cross & Divide is as seductive as it is addictive; a great and fun listen from point A. to point B.  The album contains nine solid songs each equal in quality and character as well as one remix of “Finger on A Trigger.”  The title track comes in like a slithering snake with Groovie’s sultry vocals over the steady, mid-tempo beat.

If you are familiar with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Blue Eyed Christ then you can likely guess the sonic influences for the album.  But this quirky duo does step out of the pre-defined lines and delves into the sounds of mid-90s ebm with the likes of “Run For Your Lies!” “Emotions Matter” begins almost with a Kraftwerk-esque ambiance including a rhythm and background vocal nuances that are a bit akin to “Autobahn.”

But really the entire duration of Cross & Divide is met at every stop with diversity so a track-by-track analysis is virtually pointless.  Each cut stands firmly on its own and occasionally crosses lines that defined these artists during their respective careers.  

Really the only thing that I didn’t like about this album was the idea of another 3-year period separating this and a (hopefully) follow-up album.  But then again such a thought is subjective.  In the end, Trash Deity reminds us that we must live in the “now” and appreciate life for each adventure that it brings.


  1. Cross & Divide
  2. Run 4 Your Lies!
  3. Fame Games
  4. Frantic Child
  5. A Perfect One
  6. Hardrive
  7. Finger On A Trigger
  8. Emotions Matter
  9. Icons & Idols
  10. Finger On A Trigger (JDN Remix)

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