The Sunday Dungeon: Lamentation – “Grabens Symphonie” Tape Box Set Review (dungeon synth)

a3187875016_16We haven’t done the Sunday Dungeon in a while and given today’s offering, we feel it’s an excellent excuse to do one today.

This release, quite honestly might very well be the best dungeon synth release I’ve ever heard.  For whatever reason, their music slipped under my radar for a number of months.  Thanks to Dunkelheit Produductions in Germany, it was brought back to our attention.

Grabens Symphonie; a box set featuring 3 cassette tapes (and some other goodies) from Greece’s Lamentation is the release for the day.  Eine Symphonie Der Nacht (1994)
Fullmoon Over Faerhaaven (1995) And As ShadowKingdom Comes To My Sight (1996) are the three albums contained herein.

From Dunkelheit: “It’s time to leave the present behind, forget the significance of time and go back into the glorious past that lay in the fog… Back in the early 90’s through the ruins, mist and old myths of ancient glorious Hellas, there were two unknown shadows known as “Count Wrathven” and “Prince Locathah”, who hold the flame of wisdom from the dark. From the knowledge of darkness their creations took place under the banner of LAMENTATION.

The purity in these recordings are simply unparalleled from anything I’ve ever heard in the realm of dungeon synth.  The instrumentation is simply based upon piano, primitive-sounding organ/keyboards and occasionally, appropriately-laid bass guitar.  It is completely unpolished, grainy-sounding and lends itself to the imagination where true dusty dungeons are lit only by marginally-effective candles.  This is not the polished, medieval inspired music we often hear now.  This is dungeon synth in its purest form.

There is not much progression stylistically when it comes to these three releases which makes it such an appropriate collection for a box set.  They can essentially be seen as one album in three parts.  Grabens Symphonie is truly a magical release from  Greece’s Lamentation.  We should be grateful that Dunkelheit has decided to put out this edition.  Very creepy, sometimes claustrophobic and pure in every sense of the word. “Those three releases became very known for people who were into the dark realms of dungeon synth, especially in the underground. Now, more than 20 years later, we are proud to present you a evenly matched and more fully dedicated release.” (Dunkelheit)

The deluxe-box which include all three releases on noble black cassette with silver print as well as the following: logo metal pin, poster, logo sticker and a huge booklet with old photos and interviews.  This is a limited edition of 150 copies.  T-shirts are available as well.0012108463_10

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