Sulgogar – “Science Of Beyond” – Album Review (thrash metal)

Sulgogar - Science of Beyond (COVER)Fans of old hardcore punk-inspired thrash metal have reason to celebrate with the release of Venezuelan thrash band Sulgogar’s latest.  Science Of Beyond is the new digital-only release now on Machine Man Records.

From Machine Man Records: “Sulgogar is a Venezuelan metal band, founded at the end of 2016 in the town of Duaca, North of Barquisimeto (Lara state). Sulgogar is considered to be the first, and
only metal band in that area to date.  With a musical style mixing Death Metal and elements of Thrash and Black Metal, the lyrics of Sulgogar range from urban legends and mysteries, to more darker and sinister themes such as social criticisms.”

Science Of Beyond contains seven tracks none of which go over the three minute, thirty second mark..  Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the release is the vocal effect.  Is it layered?  Is it the electronic effects? Is the vocalist possessed?  Not sure but it’s certainly identifiable only to Sulgogar.

There is a definite hard-core/punk feel to Science Of Beyond and one that brings us back to the mid 80s underground punk and thrash bands.  The album pretty much starts and stops at breakneck speed; a solid slab of thrash metal from point A to point B.  I also get the sense that this is a band who don’t take themselves too seriously especially with tracks like “Femi-Nazis” and “Chupacabras.”  Another thing of note on this release is that the guitar leads are pretty amazing.  Check “Mision-Sobrepoblacion,” for example.

For being a fairly short LP, the album is pretty jam packed with riffs and no shortage of speed and power.  Definitely recommended for fans of old-school thrash and those bands trying to preserve the sound.

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