Corona Barathri – “Nox Mali” Album Review (ritual/dark ambient)

Album Cover
Nox Mali – Corona Barathri

There exists dark ambient and then ritual ambient.  Then there is a special kind of sound that  seemingly invites the listener into the middle of the ritual.  What we have here is the latter.

From Grey Matter Productions comes the new release from Ritual Ambient magicians Corona Barathri, Nox Mali.

From Bandcamp: A new ritual material written on the eve of the Great Sabbath, dedicated to all the dark souls – Faithful to Diabolus!  Night of Evil, Night of the Nights, Night of the Triumph of Evil Force, Feeding the Fire with our blood. Samael is the Father of Sins, the Source of Death. Childs Of Nahema – Sons of Perdition, Dark Warriors, curse to god, curse to the world, curse to mankind. 

Nox Mali contains 4 tracks ranging from 11 to 21 minutes in length.  Dark, windy ambient tapestries, occasional seductive female vocals amidst a sonically subterranean dungeon… From the opening track, ‘Vocatus Sanguinis Atri” the listener is drawn into the recording despite the mixture of fear and curiously that work simultaneously.  Ghostly, whispers of ritual mumbling to the left and right play a part in a feeling of forewarning yet inviting to the ritual.  Nuances including occasional percussion and high-pitch bell noises assist in moving the listener close to the center of activity like an entrance to a psychic or voodoo practitioner on the side of town you dare not venture to after dark.

Nevertheless, you are here…. in the middle of the ritual with the soundtrack and participants surrounding you.  

Nox Mali is a fantastic recording for fans of dark/ritual/magical ambient music.  But this music is special in that one must question whether it is but a composition or an intended soundtrack to an actual ritual.

Available as a VERY limited edition CD and cassette from our friends at Grey Matter Productions.

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