In Tenebriz – “Winternight Poetry” Album Review (black metal)


Some of the coldest atmospheric black metal has in recent years been the result of exports from Russia and nearby territories.  

Thus, our offering today is the latest release from Russia’s In Tenebriz; Winternight Poetry.  The album was released by Symbol of Domination Productions from Belarus in tandem with More Hate Productions.  

Winternight Poetry is a death/doom metal-treated album of predominantly atmospheric black metal.  In fact, one of the finest moments I’ve heard in an atmospheric black metal album in a while is located at 3:12 in “Winterlight Poetry III.”  But there’s quite a bit going on here on and beneath the surface.  In Tenebriz also tastefully incorporates an old ambient sounding keyboard for a somber, grim background.   

Portions of tracks like “Winternight Poetry II” bring us back to bands like old-school Tiamat with the slower-tempo and borderline death growl.  Most of the tracks are fairly slow to mid-tempo but hold the listener in captivity.  Some of the melodic tremolo picking rears its head in a modern, post-black metal kind of vibe.  

Winternight Poetry is a really solid death metal inspired blackened release.  In Tenebriz is a prolific artist whom I’m looking forward to hearing more from and this is a label putting out a lot of great material so be sure to check them out at the links below.

Winternight Poetry is available as a limited edition CD and digital download directly from Sym

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