Demise and Domination – “The Black Sunrise” Album Review

a0160737011_16Machine Man Records continues to churn out the most criminally underrated hybrid industrial/metal records in existence.  If you haven’t visited them yet then what are you waiting for?

The Black Sunrise is the latest offering from Demise And Domination; a side project of Nate from AutomatoN and Quo.  While Quo is more prog-rock oriented, AutomatoN is perhaps the closest of Nate’s projects to Demise And Domination.

From Bandcamp: “With influences ranging from Fear Factory to Godflesh to Strapping Young Lad, each album is a concept that deals with an evil government in a fictitious world.”

Fans of Fear Factory and Voivod won’t know what they’ve been missing nor what has hit them.

The Black Sunrise contains ten solid tracks and is by far, the best sounding production of all of the Demise and Domination releases.  What we have here is an apocalyptic atmosphere combined with elements of industrial-infused heaviness that can only be classified under the label of Demise And Domination.   From point A to point B, each track is just as pulverizing as the previous.

The question that now arises is this; with all of the projects Nate is involved with and as heavy as The Black Sunrise is, what will even be left to demolish and how will he find the time to do it?

The Black Sunrise is available today via Machine Man Records and all major digital outlets online.

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