Bug Catcher – “Enshrouding Fangs” Album Review (harsh noise/hnw)

a1306077009_16We haven’t covered a good harsh noise wall release in a while so today seemed like a good enough excuse to do so.  Now… harsh noise fans likely know that noise has in itself developed sub-genres like harsh noise walls, ambient noise walls, cut-up, etc.

So now we bring you nature noise walls.  You may have also heard the term “eco-noise walls”.

Nature Noise Wall is a label located in Italy.  While not necessarily incorporating “nature” or field recordings per-se, nature noise walls (and sometimes their album covers) are basically created with the mindfulness of our natural world that exists around us.

This brings us to Enshrouding Fangs from Bug Catcher.

Enshrouding Fangs features two walls, both around 18 minutes in length and equally unrelenting.  “Scarnificare,” track 1, sounds something similar to being in the middle of a horrific hurricane, especially with the low-end overshadowing the high-end static.  Track 2, “Triplo Segmento a Forbice” actually sounds more like 2 walls being hammered out simultaneously or rather a harsh, high frequency static wall laid on top of track 1.

Nature’s equivalent of noise walls like this could easily wipe out most of the existing species.  This is as harsh as they get and should please any fan of harsh noise walls that likes to escape into the maelstrom.

Bug Catcher’s Enshrouding Fangs is a Name Your Own Price release.  Toss some support their way though if you enjoy what you hear.  Also, check out the other releases that they offer.


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