Atra Vetosus – “Voices From The Eternal Night (Remastered)” Album Review (black metal)

a2192430723_16One listen to “Tortured By The Light Of A Thousand Stars” and you realize how captivating and mesmerizing good atmospheric/melodic black metal can be.

Belgium’s Immortal Frost Productions has been churning out some of the best and today’s offering is no exception.  Today we have the 2018 Remastered edition of Australian band Atra Vetosus’ Voices From The Eternal Night.  The album was originally issued in 2013 which is amazing as it still sounds like a fresh 2018 album.  But herein the remastering is not overdone and in fact lends a bit to a more abysmal/atmospheric vibe.

Voices From The Eternal Night contains a total of 8 tracks; 6 lengthy songs and 2 brief instrumentals.  “Far Beyond” and “Into the Dawnless Night” are the two beautifully-crafted instrumentals based on treated acoustic guitar and placed against an ocean-side backdrop.  As solid and diverse as the album is, these two pieces provide for a nice break in the action.  

The vocals on this album are delivered with such fury and ferocity that they could wipe out the forests of Australia.  One thing that Atra Vetosus understands and understands very well in fact is that there is room to breathe in between tradition and modern atmosphere.  Voices From The Eternal Night reminds us that between the tremolo picking, the scathing screams and dimly-lit atmosphere there is indeed a place to create memorable black metal compositions.  This art is not simply one dimensional.  Nostalgia and pushing boundaries both have their place here.  

Take for example this editor’s favorite riff on the album: 5:14 in “Nocturnal Winds.”  Everything you need to know about Atra Vetosus and Immortal Frost is right there.  This is one of those moments in an album that will give you goosebumps if you still have some human left in you.  

While there are zero bad moments on the album, another major highlight is “A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness;” a perfect example blending tempo shifts, breaks, killer soaring rights and again…memorable songwriting. 

I’m telling you… if you are looking for the best in what exists in atmospheric and melodic black metal, you need to pay attention to what Immortal Frost Productions is putting out there.  

The remastered version has been released on 23/02/2018 by Immortal Frost Productions in a limited amount of 1000 copies. The physical album comes with full artwork design and a 8-page booklet including the lyrics.  Click the shop link below to buy directly from Immortal Frost Productions.

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