MZ.412 – “Ulvens Broder” 10″ EP Review (black industrial/dark ambient)

MZ412 Ulvens Broder - Lo res album cover for webBlack industrial legends have returned.

MZ.412 is Nordvargr, Drakh and Ulvtharm.  Ulvens Broder is the new 10″ release from Cold Spring Records.  Release date is June 1.

From Cold Spring: “The limited edition 10” ‘Ulvens Broder’ is taken and adapted from the forthcoming album and features a very special B-side with Tomas from ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO.” 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of MZ. 412. The long-awaited new album ‘Svartmyrkr’ has been born and will be released later this year on CD and double vinyl.”

There are three total tracks to this release.  “Ulvens Broder” brings an apocalyptic landscape to life with the fading trumpets of a dying military, sporadic blasts and a martial stomp preceding the end of the world.  These are cinematic dark ambient landscapes the likes of which can only be created by this legendary group.

The mix and mastering of the recording is stellar and brings the dynamics of background, foreground and surrounding noises and sounds to a realistic point of view.  

“The Father Uncreated” is more of an ambient/drone/low-fi noise/ritual sound in the style of Trepaneringsritualen.  Disturbing and unsettling to say the least.  It’s as if they’ve created an electronic landscape with organic found object strikes from the undead.  

“Algiz 2018” ft. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is a truly haunting track that incorporates a primitive apocalyptic death industrial backdrop with some spoken word over the top.  It creates a strange dynamic with the calm speech against what sounds like a sonic torturous execution.  The piece becomes more sonically chaotic and destructive toward the end leaving the listener as not the same from when they started listening

If  Ulvens Broder is an indication of what’s to come in the forthcoming full-length album from these sonic geniuses of destruction, then it should be nothing short of devastating, if there is anything left that is….mz412bandpic

Ulvens Broder will be available in the following: White vinyl, Red vinyl and Black vinyl – 412 copies each.

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