Northern Accent – “Dunkle Wolke Mensch” Album Review (neo-folk)


Never underestimate the power of the Germans when it comes to relieving a need for purely good neo-folk music.  The same goes for other genres.  But nonetheless…..  today our offering is Dunkle Wolke Mensch, the new digital-only release from Northern Accent.

Northern Accent is the product of Mr. Niko Brückner.  

Dunkle Wolke Mensch is a 9 track album; neo-folk at its core but maintaining a balance of the old and the new, the purely neo-folk and the borderline modern “alt rock.”  Take “Trigger Trauma,” for example.  This track mixes neo-folk and alt-rock influences to create a track that could easily be placed in the underground or on regular rotation of college radio.  In fact, surely fans of The Church and early Peter Murphy will enjoy songs like “Trigger Trauma.”  “Pain Is My Middle Name” appears to be more traditional in neo-folk and could easily be a straight, but original nod to Death In June.  “Mouches Volantes” takes a completely different turn with its chord progression and actually is oddly reminiscent (at least in the verse portions) of 4AD artists like Lush….just without the washed-out reverb.  

There is an immediacy and an intimacy with the vocals that takes listeners back to the classic neo-folk moments of such iconic releases as Death In June’s Rose Clouds Of Holocaust.  

“Lucid Dreams” is an interesting trilogy of a piece, however because the acoustic-based Part II is held between the noisy experimental “bookends” of I and III.  Clearly we have an artist here who is unafraid to step outside the pre-defined lines of dark/neo folk into the weird world of “experimental.”

I’m happy to recommend Northern Accent and Dunkle Wolke Mensh to any and all neofolk fans and open-minded fans of alternative rock.  I’m even happier that it comes from my namesake’s homeland.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Northern Accent comes up with next.

Go check it out and support…..


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