Decent News – “Filth” Album Review (industrial/metal)

Filth Cover Art

This just in!  Apparently there are still bands out there that play old-school industrial-infused metal and don’t take themselves too seriously. 

In related news, someone please inform CombiChrist.  :o)

Today we bring you the new release from Connecticut’s Decent News, Filth courtesy of our friends at Machine Man Records.

Filth contains twelve tracks.  Witnesses have reported hearing shouts to the likes of WaxTrax Records’ artists and even old school thrash.

Most of what we hear with Filth is a reminder that the late 80s to mid 90s heavy industrial sound isn’t exactly dead yet.  Clearly there are influences here from KMFDM, Ministry and I’ll even go for more obscure references such as SKREW and Sister Machine Gun.  I’d be willing to bet that vocally, someone has been influenced by 90s thrash acts like Atrophy, MOD or DRI.  There’s no hiding behind distortion here.  Just straight in-your-face.  

There is definitely an unpolished, organic, raw feel about Filth.… a bit of an appropriate title if you will.  Don’t get me wrong.  The clarity is very much present.  But a little grime brings forth part of the character herein.  On occasion you can even hear the instrument cables or the guitar hum after the track is done.  

Pretty much every track on Filth is identifiable in its own right.  While some tracks (like the title cut) or “Deafland” lean toward more of an electro-industrial sound (i.e. KMFDM) others tend to drift to the hardcore/thrash tone.  However, “Get Out Of My Head” is in a world of its own.  Dark, moody, somewhat slower… the background is filled simply with fluid keyboards to support the moody, dark lyrics.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t find something to like about Decent News and Filth.  They get the point that it’s ok to give a nod to the classics but toss in some originality and have some good old-school fun with it.

Filth is available as a limited edition CD and digital download.

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