V/A Reason Art Records (Free Noise Compilation – 53 tracks) (harsh noise)

a2626863245_16Every so often, we go back in time to locate a gem worth mentioning.  In this case we have an excuse for you to check out a killer Russian noise label Reason Art Records.  A few months back they issued a Free Download release in honor of their 100th release.  

What we have here is a mammoth of a compilation album covering every single dynamic imaginable in the harsh noise/power electronics arena.  Every single reason why we as fans listen to this art is covered in this release.  From harsh to ambient walls to cut-ups and experiments with voice manipulation…. sounds ranging from the likes of subdued fireplaces to coffee pots to nuclear meltdowns.  

So this isn’t so much of a review as it is a public service announcement.  If  you are a long-time fan of harsh noise or experimental music, you will definitely want to grab this.  Further, if you are simply interested…. this is an excellent location to start.  Our friends at Reason Art Records are putting out some serious quality work.

Some of the more recognizable names on here include Dosis Letalis, Lorenzo Abattoir, Necrotik Fissure, Richard Ramirez and Vomir.

I would highly encourage you to check out Reason Art Records and Wall Noise Action as well.  These two labels represent some of the best noise released from Russia.

Check out the full track list here on Bandcamp:


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