Ugasanie – “Ice Breath Of Antarctica” Album Review (dark ambient/drone)

a0119806931_16Being submerged in near-frozen, slow-moving waters or being blinded by white-out winter conditions now have a sound track.

Ice Breath Of Antarctica is the latest release from Ugasanie on Cryo Chamber Records.  Ugasanie is a native of Vitsyebsk, Belarus.

From Cryo Chamber: “The snowstorm builds on the horizon as the ice crackles under your feet. The faint call of someone beyond the blinding blizzard. A subdued and chilly album in the isolated style that is Ugasanie’s expertise.”

Ice Breath Of Antarctica takes the listener through the deepest, cavernous arctic ambient drones and in some cases provides a soundtrack for the vast landscapes seen and unseen from the listener’s vantage point.  9 tracks span blistering cold conditions, submersive seascapes and seemingly endless, slow avalanches.

On the abstract, Ice Breath Of Antarctica can feel very cold and desolate but can also give a feeling of comfort within the uncomfortable, inhumane conditions of the antarctic.  Thin ambient passages mimic slowly-moving winds and snowfalls while multi-layered, deep-rooted drones remind us of the depth of the sea and a blindness only found in fierce snowstorms.

Arctic ambient at its finest.  Ugasanie has a very good grasp on depth and distance sonically as they relate to the perception of these imaginary landscapes.  Definitely for fans of winter.  

Ice Breath Of Antarctica is available on ltd. edition Cd and digital download.  Also available is a 5-CD bundle containing all five Ugasanie releases.

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