VIDEO: Glasya – “Heaven’s Demise” (symphonic metal) (Portugal)

We wanted to bring to your attention a video for a single that was submitted to us this week by this amazing symphonic metal band from Portugal – Glasya.  Please check it out as well as the band’s Facebook and the press release segment below the video.   What struck me about this track were the symphonic-like hits.

I’m expecting some pretty cool things from the band including a release later this year.  As you know, there are a million female-fronted metal bands these days but Glasya….  Foda-se, Brutal!

From the press release:
“Glasya is a symphonic metal band fostered by the integration of several experienced musicians from the Portuguese metal scene, by the founder guitarist Hugo Esteves, the voice of Eduarda Soeiro (also in Nightdream – Portuguese official tribute to Nightwish), the keys of Portuguese-Dutchman Davon Van Dave (ex-Urban Tales, ex-Shadowsphere, ex-Heavenly Bride), solo guitarist Bruno Prates (ex-Enchantya, Paradigm State), Manuel Pinto bass (ex-Enchantya, Paradigm State) and Bruno Ramos drums (ex-My Deception).”

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