Nightwish – “Decades” Album Review

nightwish-decades_1500pxMarch 9 will see the release of Decades – a compilation featuring 22 career-spanning tracks from Nightwish on Nuclear Blast Records. 

While Nightwish certainly requires no introduction for those of us who have grown up with their music, it cannot be understated that Decades is indeed the perfect introduction for those potential fans who have yet to discover their uniqueness and impact.

The interesting thing about Decades is its atypical focus as a “best of/greatest hits” compilation.  Tuomas Holopainen perfectly describes Decades“Actually, for me personally, it’s not a ‘best of’ because I think the more correct term would be ‘the most essential ones’ […] If a person who has never heard of NIGHTWISH before would like to get an idea of what this band is about and has been about for the past 20 years, he would get the perfect picture on Decades! That was like my philosophy in gathering those tracks.”

The Decades track selection features a pretty wise and wide selection from the Nightwish catalog.  Moreover, Decades features early tracks “Elvenpath,” “The Carpenter,” and “Nightwish (demo).”  Rumor has it the band will be performing a special set on the upcoming tour to feature rarely-played and never-before played tracks from their early days. 

I think that perhaps my only complaint about Decades would be the limited number of Anette-fronted tracks.  As someone who has flown the Anette flag since the magical “Amaranthe,” and being in the minority or not, it would be nice to see perhaps another track or two.  But to be objective and fair, the band did an excellent job balancing and representing all eras of the band.  And anyone who has heard Floor sing “Storytime” in a live clip or in person must admit her voice rivals the power of rolling thunder. 

See the track list below….

At the end of the day, Decades is excellent and highly recommended for Nightwish purists and new fans alike.  

Decades will be available in the following:

Digipak 2CD, Earbook, 3xLP vinyl boxset, silver vinyl boxset and gold vinyl boxset.  Check the store for tons more other Nightwish items

Photo by Tim Tronckoe

Pre-order the digital version here:

The track list:
01. The Greatest Show On Earth
02. Élan
03. My Walden
04. Storytime
05. I Want My Tears Back
06. Amaranth
07. The Poet And The Pendulum
08. Nemo
09. Wish I Had An Angel
01. Ghost Love Score
02. Slaying The Dreamer
03. End Of All Hope
04. 10th Man Down
05. The Kinslayer
06. Dead Boy’s Poem
07. Gethsemane
08. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean
09. Sacrament Of Wilderness
10. Sleeping Sun
11. Elvenpath
12. The Carpenter
13. Nightwish (demo)


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